Johnson Brothers Limoncello Baccarat Chinoiserie Ladies Shaving Soap Set


Tremendous Luxurious Dense Cream Lather with a Delicious Aroma

Ingredients: Skin Nourishing Oils of Olive, Coconut, Glycerine, Stearic Acid (Natural Acid found in Waxy Vegetables), Lye, Aloe Vera, Phthalate Free Fragrance/ Therapeutic Essential Oil Blend.

Pink French Clay deliciously fragranced with skin moisturizing Shaving Soap. 100% Boar White Shaving Brush Imported from Italy included.

Instructions to Wet Shaving:
1. Prep: Your legs/area to be shaved is best prepped for shaving using hot water. Your brush placed in a cup of warm water for 3 minutes. Your soap to be covered in warm water just over the top of the soap for 3 minutes.
2. Step 1: Pour all of the water out of the cup and shake you brush leaving not too much water in the bristles. Pour water off of the Shaving Soap. Wet the brush. Not too wet, not too dry - you will find the balance. ...add 3 small drops of water into the empty cup.
3. Step 2: Load your brush in a fast circling motion as if mixing until the center of your bristles stick together. Create the lather. Once soap is on the brush, swirl soaped brush around the empty cup with a few drops of water to create a dense lather.
4. Step 3: Apply shaving cream to legs or area to be shaved. ...
5. Step 4: Shave. ...
6. Step 5: Thank the Lady because now Shaving has not become a chore but an Art.